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Mica powder is introduced :
    Mica, a layer-structured mineral, is compsed of polassium, aluminium, magnesium and lithium etc. There are different categories of mica, including dolimite, phlogopite, biotite and lepidolite.


    Dolomite is widely used in industry and national defense because is springy, tenacious and insulant; it is also acid- and alkali-resisting, and corrosionproof, which can be stripped with low coefficien of expansion and stable in physical and chemical property.

  Mica powder can be used in paint and coating to reduce the damage of ultraviolet ray or other light or heat to the layer, so as to promote its acid resistance and insulation. As a prior filler in paint, mica powder can subsitute some expensive raw materials to ruduce the production cost.

    It also can be applied in protecting layer of welding rods, cinducting wires and electric cables; as suspended substance in fire-flghting dry powder;as a filler, a shelter, a lubricating subsance, a drawing of patterns in plastics, rubber, asbestos products and sealing materials.




Al2O3 CaO MgCo3 K2O Na2O S P
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